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Employment Law

Established Employment Law Attorney

Employment disputes can plague both employers and employees. Work productivity and business success can be impacted by disputes with employees. Discriminatory and harassing employers can jeopardize the rights of employees. At the law office of Brian D. O'Neill in Morristown, New Jersey, we represent both employers and employees in employment law disputes. Contact us to sit down and to speak with us about a pending employment dispute.

As a former general counsel for a major industrial and aerospace defense contractor, our firm's founding lawyer has years of experience handling employment law disputes. He has advised businesses and employees about their rights and obligations under New Jersey's 'Law Against Discrimination' (LAD), whistleblower statutes, the 'Conscientious Employee Protection Act' (CEPA), union grievances and contested unemployment compensation claims.

Employment Law Attorney Office
Employee Representation

Our firm has a unique perspective on the workings of a business. An employer's actions can make your job almost impossible to endure. Our firm knows how to make the law work for you, and to force your employer to comply with the law. Over the years, we have handled numerous complaints on behalf of employees discriminated against, harassed or wrongfully discharged by their employers. We have obtained numerous favorable settlements on behalf of employees throughout New Jersey. Our dual experience in employment and immigration law has also allowed us to negotiate successful settlements for immigrant employeeswho have the double problems of preserving their immigration status while resolving problems with their employers.

Employer Representation

With years of experience as a major company's general counsel, we understand what is necessary to defend employers in business law and employment law disputes. We also focus on dealing with problems proactively. It is vital to your business's success to deal with problems before they arise, and promptly after they occur.

For more information about how to settle an employment law dispute, contact the law office of Brian D. O'Neill for a free initial phone consultation.
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