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Experienced U.S. Consular Processing Attorney

If you are a nonimmigrant who wants to obtain an immigrant visa to work or visit the United States, or if you want to gain permanent resident status from outside the United States, the law office of Brian D. O'Neill will represent you. From our office in Morristown, New Jersey, we represent people throughout the world during consular processing proceedings related to immigration matters like obtaining visas for alien worker, relative or fiancée petitions. To learn more about obtaining entry into the U.S., contact us for an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.


When you are unable to resolve immigration status disputes in the United States, you will need to return to your home country to prepare for a U.S. consular processing. We will assist you in obtaining evidence concerning issues related to your marital status, your employment status or your relationship with a U.S. citizen. Our firm will then file petitions and applications to help you regain entry into the United States.


Nonimmigrant issues may also require going through U.S. consular processing. Many times, people who just plan to visit the United States temporarily may not take the situation seriously. The consulate may refuse to grant you a visa and prohibit you from entering the U.S. We will work with you to document your travel plans in order to obtain a travel or temporary work visas into the U.S.

When trying to immigrate legally into the United States, you must comply with all State Department rules. These can be confusing to anyone. Immigrants who do not understand the legal process or the English language might find it exceedingly difficult to understand. Our firm will guide you through each stage of the U.S. consular processing.

If you are being denied entry into the United States or have to return to your former country to deal with an immigration problem, contact the law office of Brian D. O'Neill for a free initial phone consultation.

Tel.: 201-803-2126

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